The Plaguelands are regions where the Spellplague still runs amok, changing everything it comes in contact with.


Most plaguelands share common features, though exceptions exist among these anarchic regions. From a distance, the affected landscape seems to be shrouded in a thick, luminous blue fog. Up closer, the area seems to be bounded by a standing liquid (think Stargate). When looking from outside, the boundary is sharp-edged and clear but everything inside is blurred and wavering, as if seen through blue fire. The shapes writhe within but, from outside, their nature is impossible to determine. Once inside the boundary, it is said the very land is mutable, slowly sliding and flowing like lava. Rivulets of blue fire, foliage, and even the sky itself slowly mix with the land in a great churn whose edges are the horizon.


Despite the plagueland’s amorphous appearance, the swirling landscape supports travelers just as normal ground does and just as with travel across ordinary lands, a plagueland’s mountains, rivers, and abysses can present danger. The only major difference told by survivors is that the swirling landscape can also propel you. Sometimes the moving land can even propel a careless visitor into a chasm or off a cliff. The other problem with navigating plaguelands is the difficulty in discerning direction from the sun. In addition it is impossible to discern direction at night unless the moon is out.

Effects on Visitors

Within a plagueland, the wild magic of the Spellplague still runs abundantly rampant. Each hour that a creature not already spellscarred spends in a plagueland subjects it to the terrible affliction. A character who takes an extended rest in a plagueland takes a –1 penalty to Fortitude defense and also loses one healing surge. Healing surges lost to this effect can be regained only once outside a plagueland. The Fortitude penalty stacks, but it disappears as soon as the character takes an extended rest outside of a plagueland. If this effect reduces a character’s Fortitude defense to 0, the character immediately dies in an explosion of blue flame.

  • Characters who survive 24 or more consecutive hours in a plagueland might qualify to choose a spellscar, final approval at the DM’s discretion.


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