Lunar Affliction

The disease only affects those who seem to be out in the night under the influence of one of the world’s moons. After being exposed to the effects of the moon for a prolonged period, you might start to change slightly and the effects worsen as you are exposed for longer periods of time.

Possible maladies: Bad
  • -1 to checks in sunlight or equivalent
  • -1 to Charisma checks
  • Altered appearance
  • +1 to checks in darkness

Lunar Affliction Template
Defences: -1 Will
Saving Throws: -1 in sunlight, +1 in darkness or moonlight
Resistances: 5 Necrotic
Vulnerabilities: 5 Radiant
Special: -2 to Charisma due to changing in appearance. Change to be determined by DM.

There is a special rock, Lunate that seemed to be born out of the spellplague that has provided protection from the disease. This rock is difficult to obtain due to its expensive nature and rarity.

Lunar Affliction

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