character points

The Bare Necessities (In no particular order)

  • Describe the basic idea of or behind your character.
  • Key people in the character’s life and past and who raised them: parents, friends, mentors, siblings, enemies, lovers, etc. Also for the really important and major ones, list if they are alive or dead and have, unless its really necessary for your backstory, a few that enemies you might make would attempt to use to get to you.
  • Reason for the character to adventure. Is it greed, revenge, justice, honor, or something else? And also, what is his long-term goal?
  • What they have done to get to their current level, was it training at a school, under a mentor, adventuring with a party, etc.
  • What do you (as a player) hope to get out of playing this character? Answering this helps me, as a game master, to help fulfill your hopes.

Possible Necessities

  • Major accomplishments up to now
  • Major emotions of hate, love, fear, for certain people or creatures
  • Your birthplace/homeland. You can invent this and afterward I might tweak it some to fit it into the world I have in mind.
  • Alignment and religion or spiritual belief and why they chose it.
  • What is their moral code and/or do they follow it strictly?
  • Are they a member of any guilds or causes? (you might need to talk to me about this)

Other things you may just want to add

  • Looks
  • likes/dislikes
  • distinguishing features
  • habits or favorite sayings
  • titles and/or nicknames and possibly how they got them
  • most proud of
  • most ashamed of
  • greatest strength/weakness
  • greatest flaw or shortcoming
  • what does you character like/dislike in other people
  • what makes them angry and/or happy
  • what do they do when they are that way

character points

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