Character Death

If there’s no possibility of death, there’s no tension in the story. Thus, characters can die in this game. When a character dies, the player has a few options:

  1. If the player or group is attached to the character, they can attempt to have their character raised from the dead. This is an “in story” option, and may result in more than one play session to complete, depending on the availability of this service and the needs of the NPC providing said service. Of course, players who have taken the time to develop Ritual Casting skills may also provide this service to the character. Choosing this option does not guarantee success nor that you will be able to play the next session after your character has died.

  2. The player can opt to ditch the dead character and start a new one, with some restrictions. This new character will start in a setting of my choosing with player input accepted but final approval left with DM. He will begin with only basic equipment and the starting gold for a character appropriate to his level according to the DMG. The new character will not receive any of the old character’s equipment unless the group (his heirs) choose to give it to them.

  3. Finally, the player can choose to abandon their character whenever they’re in a town or settlement. They can then create a new character to join the group, using the same rules for character death except that the old character takes all his equipment when he leaves. Using this option may allow for petitioning of a certain item(s) in addition for your the level appropriate starting gold.

    • All characters under options 2 and 3 have to be made before the gaming session and then looked over and approved by the DM. The party has veto rights by a consensus vote to character approval but full final approval is awarded by the DM.

Character Death

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