+2Dex +2wisdom
speed 6 +2stealth and theivery
+1 reflex defense
racial power shift 1 when missed by melee
Protector Spirit – ally gains extra health when healed adjacent to spirit

  • At-Will:
    • Call Spirit Companion
    • Spirit Shield
    • Protecting Strike
    • Haunting Spirits
  • Encounter
    • Healing spirit
    • Speak with Spirits
    • Thunder Bears Warding
    • Bonds of the Clan
    • Spirit Renewal Strike
  • Daily
    • Wrath of the Spirit world

Shunned-By-Tribe begin his life like any ordinary goblin cub playing with friends, pulling pranks and causing mischief. Then things began to change Shunned started feeling bad about the pranks and mischief when they became dangerous and hurtful. His friends, tribes people and even family began chastising and even tormenting him because he was different. The last straw came during the coming of age naming ceremony were each eligible youngster is given there life name and with it thier role in the tribe. When Shunned was awarded his name by the tribe elder the rest of the tribe immediately knew what was needed. They threw him out of the village boundaries but scared at the thought of never seeing anyone he loved again Shunned begged and pleaded promising he would change. The tribe would have none of this they dragged him farther from the village all the while beating him and left him for dead in the middle of the forest. Luckily for him a wise old elven druid saw the ordeal and nursed him back to health…


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