Level 4 Elf Druid +2 Wis +2 dex Speed 8

AC 20 Fort 13 Ref 17 Will 18

HP 40 Surges 8 Value 10

At Will * Grasping Claws * Chill Wind * Thorn Whip

Encounter * Darting Bite * Call Lightning

Daily * Summon Fierce Boar


Fauxpas always felt a call to nature, much beyond that of most of his peers. His village was known as producing some of the deadliest rangers in Sihrbrea. Though most of his friends and family desperately tried to convince him to wield a bow and arrow, he never felt that it called to him the same way communing with nature did. As he and his friends grew older, the rift between them grew. Fauxpas began to resent his friends and their apparent disregard for animals and nature. Finally he left his village to seek out training as a druid. He came upon an enclave of elven druids that trained him. They all felt a strong connection to felines, and Fauxpas favored from became that of a large, black panther.

Upon completing his training, he returned to his village to find that his family had left in disgrace. His younger sister had also endeavored to become a druid. Faced with the possibility of a family that didn’t produce strong rangers, the villages elders banished Fauxpas’ family. While making the trip north, the family had been accosted by raiders who killed both of Fauxpas’ parents, and took his sister Tinella. Fauxpas, in those 45 years since, has set his life’s goal to protecting the unprotected, and finding his sister.

He still holds a grudge, not only against his village, but all rangers for not respecting nature and causing his parents’ deaths. He also despises when the powerful take advantage of the disenfranchised. He does not, however, always find justice in following the laws….

Basic idea of this character is to play a somewhat vengeful but whitty (due to high wisdom) druid. I’m just hoping to round out the party and have no real lofty goals for the character in terms of development or storyline.


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