An amnesic contradiction; a warforged warden


Earthstrength: may use con modifier as bonus to AC when wearing light armor (in place of dex)

Racial power: Warforged Resolve. p.
STR: 20
CON: 18
DEX: 10
INT: 10
WIS: 12
CHR: 8

Trained in: •Nature, •Perception, •Athletics, •Dungeoneering

  • Warden’s Fury
  • Warden’s Grasp
  • Strength of Stone
  • Thorn Strike
  • Thunder Ram Assault
  • Earthgrasp Strike
  • Form of Winter’s Herald

Utility: •Nature’s Abundance

  • Deathcut hide
  • Warsoul longsword
  • Disk of energy resistance
  • Delver’s light
  • Embedded short sword
  • Embedded dagger
  • Crossbow
  • Attached heavy shield
  • Standard adventurer’s kit

Warforged tactics
Student of the Plague (spellscarred)
Weapon expertise (long sword) *house rule

Background: Explorer (house rule)
trained in insight
+2 perception


Rowan’s not particularly fond of his current moniker, but he can’t deny its fitting; nor does it really bother him as few enough call him by name. Rowan’s earliest memory is of waking up to an orc swinging a logging axe at his legs… it’s not a pleasant memory. Of course Rowan was fine but the orc and the tree Rowan had been embedded in were beyond saving. Lost, alone, and confused in a valley that had been shattered and twisted by the spellplague Rowan felt more in common with the distorted wildlife of the valley than the occasional orc logging party. The orcs ventured in to the cracked valley to try and make their fortune off of the trunks of the rare and venerable trees Rowan felt such kinship with. Rowan’s first name was given to him by those very orcs, he was later told it ment “Tree of steel and anger”. Eventually the orcs number grew so great he was unable to protect the valley by himself, but there depredations also grew large enough to draw the attention of the guardians of a nearby druid’s grove. Rowan was surprised one day to find himself surrounded by the orcs, the orcs were equally surprised to find themselves surrounded by druids, wardens, shamans, and there companions. Rowan learned much from primal guardians he met that day and months later he finally asked one of his new companions “What am I?” To his surprise no one knew and the guesses were numerous, “A suit of armor possessed by an elemental spirit”, said one “A construct from the chaos plane”, said another “some self-forged plant being, perhaps” and on and on the argument waged as more and more options were added. Finally the eldest said “ENOUGH, it’s clear we do not know WHAT you are, we do know WHO you are and that is good enough for me. If you desire to know more you most collect your own facts and verdicts about your origins. All we can say for sure is that your current state is born from some battlefield and the spell plague and that your existence is one of swirling primal and arcane energies. The only other clues to your origin are these, the tree that is part of you is a rowan species that is not found here or anywhere I remember being, and while you appear to have no identifier symbol the small letters on your foot are of a long dead language. If you can find the source of your tree and the meaning of the word πλάνης, perhaps you can find yourself.” So Rowan now wanders; researching for clues to his origin in history and studying and protecting the wildlife surrounding him. All that is clear is that he is a being of wood and steel.


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