Malignant Moon

Wildlife Log 2 Entry 479

Wildlife Log 2 Entry 479 – fall -
  • Its been a strange day. Uneventful morning. Afternoon- came across a group of fey about to explore a cave. felt somewhat compelled to aid when the druid and bard pleaded their case. Interesting geologic features, active volcanism and substantial amounts of volcanic glasses, e.g. obsidian. 1st chamber held a half dozen humanoids and a drake. An unpleasant group violent and hard to hit. Held bridge against majority, had several opportunities to observe flesh/magma interaction. Completed partial disarticulation of particularly robust humanoid, dragonborne specimen; received strange looks from the fey. several unusual characteristics can be seen. hyper development of dorsal scales may be possible thermal regulation strategy. Specimen possessed primarily ripping teeth but also had developed carnassials and tertiary molars. Observed outlets from glands used to discharge breath, located laterally in the rear mandible. Sketches and writing are rough, it’s not safe here.


As always, your drawing and posts are entertaining and reflect your character very well. Also, I love your drawings, they add so much to the posts. Keep up the good work.

Wildlife Log 2 Entry 479
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