Malignant Moon

Journal Entry - Year 10 IE Day 1 -

  • I can’t believe it has been ten years since my near death and exile the time has flown and I have grown stronger. I can’t help but harbor feelings of melancholy for my family at least on the anniversary of my “release”. That is enough self pity for now, what I really need to record is a strange letter I recieved from my beloved teacher and second mother Paziah. She writes of mounting an expedition into the ruins near our home town. As a child I was told dreadful tales of similar ruins and just can’t believe she now wants to venture into this surely dark and dreadful place no matter what the prize. Tomorrow I leave to attempt to persuade her against this fool-hardy errand. If I am unable to sway I fear I will be bound to this dangerous endeavor. I pray to the gods I will have the strength to stop her.

Shunned-By-Tribe Senki


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