Malignant Moon

Wildlife Log 2 Entry 480
Wildlife Log 2 Entry 480 – fall -
  • Apparently the fey and I are heading in the same direction, I wonder if they have received a similar summons. Stumbled upon some orc loggers on the path, attempted to rush them. The fey were faster…. much faster. Nothing of particular consequence about most of the orcs, skilled with their axes and little else. The leader was on a mounted on a wolf of unusual size. General anatomy and physiology seems identical to its smaller brethren with one exception. Bony protuberances were located around areas of large sinuous attachments, appeared similar to broken bone regrowth but to excess. They appeared to be purely after conventional timber, I’ve come to realize the orcs I first encountered were unusually well organized and maintained their weapons surprisingly well for their kind. I still wonder about the meaning of the self mutilation among high ranked orcs. Also what purpose do the orc tusks have, large enough to interfere with mastication and verbalization, but too small to be a potent weapon-must be vestigial.
Wildlife Log 2 Entry 479
Wildlife Log 2 Entry 479 – fall -
  • Its been a strange day. Uneventful morning. Afternoon- came across a group of fey about to explore a cave. felt somewhat compelled to aid when the druid and bard pleaded their case. Interesting geologic features, active volcanism and substantial amounts of volcanic glasses, e.g. obsidian. 1st chamber held a half dozen humanoids and a drake. An unpleasant group violent and hard to hit. Held bridge against majority, had several opportunities to observe flesh/magma interaction. Completed partial disarticulation of particularly robust humanoid, dragonborne specimen; received strange looks from the fey. several unusual characteristics can be seen. hyper development of dorsal scales may be possible thermal regulation strategy. Specimen possessed primarily ripping teeth but also had developed carnassials and tertiary molars. Observed outlets from glands used to discharge breath, located laterally in the rear mandible. Sketches and writing are rough, it’s not safe here.
Journal 2 entry 478
Wildlife Log 2 Entry 478 – fall -
  • Received mail this morning, still a strange experience. A shaman wishes for help exploring ruins. Not sure how she knows of me, but this may be an opportunity to gather information on myself so I will meet her. Found corpse in a field this afternoon, kobold I believe. Ankle skeleton was visible, flesh beings have interesting joints. Later afternoon, found species of giant dandelion, specimen pictured below reached mid thigh. Unknown tree, not a rowan. Evening, field of flowering grass – laropea? liriope maybe.
Journal Entry - Year 10 IE Day 1 -
  • I can’t believe it has been ten years since my near death and exile the time has flown and I have grown stronger. I can’t help but harbor feelings of melancholy for my family at least on the anniversary of my “release”. That is enough self pity for now, what I really need to record is a strange letter I recieved from my beloved teacher and second mother Paziah. She writes of mounting an expedition into the ruins near our home town. As a child I was told dreadful tales of similar ruins and just can’t believe she now wants to venture into this surely dark and dreadful place no matter what the prize. Tomorrow I leave to attempt to persuade her against this fool-hardy errand. If I am unable to sway I fear I will be bound to this dangerous endeavor. I pray to the gods I will have the strength to stop her.

Shunned-By-Tribe Senki


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